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1.6 HDI Turbo Repair

Turbo failure is a common problem on Peugeot, Citroen and Ford 1.6 HDI engines.

Bransford Road Garage will correctly diagnose the exact cause and provide an appropriate cost effective repair.


Why does the turbo fail?

The most common cause is carbonisation and oil blockage.

This mainly due to poor routine maintenance and not changing the oil and filters at recommended intervals.

Infrequent servicing or the use of the wrong oils will result in the oil becoming excessively polluted and sludgy causing pipes and oil paths to block and the dirty wet oil to carbonise due to the heat.

The turbo is starved of oil, causing the bearings to overheat and 'cook'. The engine's vacuum pump may also suffer damage from the same cause.

Method Of Repair

Before replacing the turbo, the correct procedure includes

  • Removing all trace of residual carbon and oil sludge from the sump, oil galleries, oil strainer, charge air cooler, oil inlet and drain flanges, oil cooler and filter and all inlet and outlet hoses.
  • Check and clean the oil pump, brake vacuum pump, exhaust flange and ensure the latest dipstick is in use.
  • Replace Turbo oil feed pipe and banjo bolts, air filter, oil and filter plus injector seals if necessary.
  • Clean DPF and perform static regeneration.
  • Thorough testing of oil feed and engine.

Help To Prevent Turbo Failure

Regular Servicing
Ensure the vehicle is serviced at the recommended intervals. Regular oil changes using the correct oils as well replacement of filters are necessary.

Driving Style
Not allowing an engine to idle for a couple of minutes after hard driving can result in the turbo suffering from thermal shock. The moment you turn off the engine you starve it of fresh oil, The oil in the turbo gets fried and leaves your turbo spinning with no lubrication.

When starting an engine it takes the oil a short time to flow properly, ideally you it is advisable to let the engine tick over for 3-10 seconds before driving off.

It is also advisable to keep the revs under 2-3000 rpm and only use higher revs when the engine reaches operating temperature.

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